Fyd Amps



TRP_Front_G_logoYou should know from the outset that I am completely tone deaf. I can’t carry a tune and could never tell you who played what song — except for maybe one or two icons from my youth like James Taylor. So when Dan Lurie from Fyd Amps, approached me to design his logo, I was thrilled to be able to take what I am good at and use it for the music industry. Dan’s a bit of a legend amongst famous musicians who need their tube amps repaired or rebuilt when they return from their tours around the country. He’s also a damn good guitar player in his own right. Dan had a pretty good sense of what he wanted, and a very good sense of what he didn’t want. The limitation was that the logo would be etched on the faceplates of the amplifiers he builds. That meant that it had to fit into a number of predetermined spaces, because not all faceplates are the same sizes, and it had to work in one color. Oh, and of course, like every good reality show, there was a deadline to meet. The one color was easy, as I typically design a logo in one color first. There are always those times when it will be only black or only white on a colored background — for instance, sponsor logos on t-shirts and posters, or in a black and white print ad. Fitting the different spaces worked out well too. By turning the Fyd at an angle I was able to enlarge it so it’s more visible. I think the end result came out really well, it matches the fluidity of his music and the quality of his work.