Baynham Custom Cabinetry

Branding, Web

baynhamcustomcabinetsBill Baynham is a master craftsman in the true sense of the word. He can build anything from a bird house to a real house but his specialty is cabinetry. He sources all his hardwood locally, is meticulous about matching grains and his finished pieces are both awe inspiring and eye inspiring. Bill doesn’t have a showcase for his work, because it’s scattered throughout Chittenden County in people’s kitchens and bathrooms. After some discussion we agreed that what he needed was some really great photography to show off his pieces, and a website that will enhance that photography. I contracted with a photographer out of Addison and he came up and efficiently and deftly photographed five locations in a single day. Meanwhile, Bill’s business name and logo also needed some love. His name was Baynham Wood and we changed it to Baynham Custom Cabinetry so people would know exactly what his business is at first glance. His logo was a circular saw blade, and while that may be a tool of the trade, it didn’t speak to all the handwork he does and it is a very aggressive tool. Bill has found that more often than not it is the women who are making the cabinet and bath vanity decisions, and so I created a new logo that incorporates a planer, has an upscale serif font, and is encased in a cabinet shape. Now when people call, he can proudly point them to his website and they can see that they will be getting the highest quality work.