Love Light Compassion Foundation

Branding, Collateral, Web

LLCFCompassion Is Love in Action

Tracy Appleton came to Acorn with her vision for a nonprofit organization. Love Light Compassion Foundation does the important work of generating and providing emergency funding for people who are going through a medical crisis. LLCF helps people take care of the basics. Think rent. Think transportation. By selling Peaceful Buddha Necklaces and sparkly crystal bracelets and also accepting donations, LLCF is making a significant difference in the day-to-day lives of people in both our local and global communities. I am proud to be a part of LLCF’s community. We started building LLCF’s brand identity with a logo that was inspired by images Tracy provided and then we moved on to develop LLCF’s web presence. The website provides information about the organization, is a portal for donations and also houses a store for the jewelry. The jewelry can be found locally at Matthew Taylor Designs in Shelburne. Currently the Foundation is working on bringing the jewelry into retail shops throughout California. If Compassion is the motivation for this Foundation, then Quality is the hallmark.